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Drones Applications

Drones Applications

In today’s world drones are so advanced that they are not only used as a toy, drones are very capable especially when it comes to working in harsh environments. Drones can change the workflow for inspection teams and surveying teams. 

At the moment in Malaysia, we have the search & rescue team and also the enforcer from the government side. Of course there are a number of industries that usually use drones as well, such as surveying companies that do land surveying and mapping, plantations that use agriculture drones as well as drones equipped with multispectral cameras to identify whether the crops are in good health. 

But drones are able to help in other industries as well, professional consultants are able to solve most of the questions and come up with great ideas to implement such wonderful technology in the workflow. 

Business owners are always looking for ways to reduce cost while having higher efficiency. Shortage of manpower is also one of the problems faced by many industries. Hiring an extra person to do an inspection job is an extra cost and it is time consuming to do a manual inspection. More manpower and more time will lead to higher spending.

First, let go deeper in land surveying. Traditional methods of land surveying will require a number of men spending hundreds of hours in order to get the surveying job done, depending on the size and complexity of the terrain. They will use professional equipment such as a topometer, GPS and so on. Those equipment are costly as well, many companies would like to save money. Hence if they already purchased a few sets of topographic equipment, they will tend to look away from drones due to the high entry price. 

But little do they know, drones are able to perform the same job and complete them faster.  Efficiency will be a huge point for surveying companies as they are able to hop from one job to another. Spending the same amount of time while collecting more data. 

Following will be an inspection company, an example will be solar panel inspection. In order to make sure the solar panel is working as it is, the temperature should be distributed evenly throughout the entire panel. If there are certain parts with higher heat reading, some part of the panel will need replacement or servicing.

Traditionally, inspectors will need to check them manually by walking on the ground and test the temperature panel by panel. It is an extremely tedious job to do and it will take a long time to get the job done, especially if the solar farm is huge. 

For drone work, pilots can choose to either fly the drone over the solar farm or do a mapping so that the data can be kept for future uses. Both ways can be done in a much shorter amount of time, action such as repair jobs can be done quicker to prevent expensive shut down.

So in conclusion, enterprise drones are no doubt pricey, but time is money in every business. When a job is done faster, the cost can be reduced. Hence it will be a great choice to utilize drones in most industries especially for inspection, surveying and also agriculture. 

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